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Creating and destroying new objects on the screen

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Hello there. I'm currently writing a simple 2D collision detection demo with "ball" sprites. It starts off with just one ball, that appears in the middle of the screen and shoots off in a random direction. By hitting the space bar, you can create a new ball, which also appears in the middle of the screen and shoots off in a random direction. You can keep on creating new balls as many times as you can hit the space bar. So, the problem I've run into is this. I want these "balls" to be global. I created a Ball class which stores all the info necessary for the ball. So, I supposed I could just declare the following globally: Ball ball[8]; And then just give the Ball class an on/off property that I can use to hide the balls that shouldn't be there. The problems I can't seem to get around are: a) I have to create a maximum number of balls (8 in this example). What if I want the user to be able to create as many as they want? b) It seems like a waste of space to declare balls that aren't yet in use. The higher the maximum, the more the waste. Item (b) seems especially problematic when I consider what it means for larger games -- does one have to declare every object that could possibly appear in the game right away, knowing that most everything declared will be "hidden?" Is there any way around this?

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