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Requiring everything for some strategy game

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Righty ho. Me and my fellow company (aka: people who want to make games) are starting to make a turn-based strategy game along the lines of Nintendo's Advance Wars series... ...called Advanced Tactics(cant think of a better name). If anyone is willing to help us in any way shape or form, please, feel free. We currently need a story for this game, I have made a few sprites (about 40, some uncoloured) and designed the first 2 levels: Level 1: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v518/skarmachild/level1.gif Level 2: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v518/skarmachild/level2.gif I made all the graphics myself and did actually take a while, if you can't notice the graphic style is also similar to Advance Wars, mainly because it owns. A.T (unlike advance wars) allows you to build buildings (whoamg)! Here are some units,buildings and terrain we are thinking of (I have a seperate page with all the stats and specials related to them, but thats Staff Only): TERRAIN: Grass Road Ocean Small Mountain Lakes Forest Long Grass Ocean Shore Tall Mountain UNITS: FOOT UNITS: Trooper Machine Gunner Specialist Spy Sniper Rocketeer Aqua Marine MACHINES: Med Tanks Heavy Tank Artillery Rockets Hovercraft Machine Turrets Constructer Transit Vehicle Constructer Tunneler Porta-Cannon Mine Placer Miner Light Tank Giga Tank NAVAL UNITS: T Ships HT Ships Subs Battleship Anti-Air Ship Land Ship Ship Constructer Scouter Ship AIR UNITS: Transcopter H. Transcopter Stealth Copter Anti-Machine Bomber Scouter Twin Gunner (can split into 2 units) Nuker Fighter Aircraft Carrier BUILDINGS: (Land Buildings) * Bunkers (Foot Units can go inside to increase range of attack, and defense) * Training Camp (Produces Foot Units) * Factory (Produces Machines) * Airport (Produces Air Units) * Shore Port (Produces Sea Units, can only be built on shores leading to oceans) * Machine Gun Turrets (Foot Units can capture and usem to fire) * Cannon (Used for defense) * Turrets (Used for Air Defense) * Wall (used to block out enemies, can build lots of Walls for high defense) * Doors (only lets own units through, low defence) * Tower (increases view in fog of war) (Sea Buildings) * Ocean Port (Produces Sea Units) * Repair Center (Repairs Sea Units, and any infantry inside Transporters (air or sea)) * Sea Turrets (Fires at Aircraft) * Sea Tower (Increases view in Fog of War) ------------------------------ Anyone willing to help with this project in any way (programming, graphics, sound, storyline) then please, contact me (either pm'ing me, msn/email: skarmachild@hotmail.co.uk, AIM: skarmachild1) Thanks all for reading and feel free to submit ideas please! Im currently using The Gimp for the graphics as you see them, as I made all the sprites (Im pretty pleased with the tanks in the middle on the 2nd map). Unfortunately, this is entirely voluntarely, but if we do get this finished you will of course receive some profit of any money that is made with it (if we release a registered version). Also if you have any comments on what could be improved or anything wrong with it please tell me! I'll be happy to read anything.

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