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Hi guys, I'm having a big problem setting up a texture manager that is going to track textures by unique texture filename and name. What I want is to be able to add textures by passing a filename and a name for the texture, and the texture manager adds it to the list. I can do it with the std::map, but I want to try to do it with boost::multi_index since it has in-built ability to sort and retrieve items. So, how would I do that? I tried declaring a class like this:
class ION_ENGINE_EXPORT CTextureManager : public CSingleton<CTextureManager>, 
	public boost::multi_index::multi_index_container
But it complains with heaps of strange and weird errors that I cant translate yet. Can anyone proficient with Boost give me an example or at least a pointer to what I should be doing to have a decent working texture manager? Thank you.

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