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Transfering keystrokes across a network

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I have a desktop and a laptop. I like to develop on both, but the problem is transfering data from one to another (especially in situations where I don't have much time.) My question is there a way to simulate my keystrokes from one machine to another? If not, is there a way to send the keystroke from my desktop, across the network, and to a program on my laptop (just to a program, not to actually simulate the keystroke)? Thanks!

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Ok, I'm making the assumption that you are looking for a way to ease your working environment, and that you want a ready made solution to the problem.
(Sorry if I got it wrong)

Lets you use one keyboard/mouse shared over several networked systems. (Posibly what you want?)
But has a downside that both systems should have their own monitor visible, since your input device gets transfered when you slide the mouse off one side of the screen.

Remote Desktop Assistance (winXP)
Lets you actually open up a window that is a direct view of the other computer. All commmands entered in that window are actually executed on the other machine.
This is also like PC-Anyware and a host of other programs that let you "shell" into a windows machine.

If you are running Linux this is the easy thing to do. You can even set up X-11 fowarding so that the GUI interface gets transfered from the remote machine aswell.
There are many SSH clients like Putty available for windows, but I'm unsure as to the availability of SSH servers for windows. (CygWin maybe?)

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