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OpenGL frambuffer_object combined with vertex texture fetch

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Hi! I want to set up a framebuffer_object with a depth_component texture to use it for rendering data afterwards. I want to use it as a vertex texture when drawing so no time will be lost for copying. So far so good but here it says that the only hardware accelerated texture formats for vertex textures are GL_RGBA_FLOAT32_ARB, GL_RGB_FLOAT32_ARB, GL_ALPHA_FLOAT32_ARB, GL_LUMINANCE32_ARB, GL_INTENSITY32_ARB, GL_FLOAT_RGBA32_NV, GL_FLOAT_RGB32_NV, GL_FLOAT_RG32_NV, or GL_FLOAT_R32_NV. And here it is said that "DEPTH_COMPONENT textures are treated as ALPHA, LUMINANCE, or INTENSITY". Although that's the specification for a fragment shader I have no idea which format otherwise is right. So the only possible formats seem to be GL_ALPHA_FLOAT32_ARB, GL_LUMINANCE32_ARB and GL_INTENSITY32_ARB. But these formats don't even exist ! Does anyone has an idea how to solve this?

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