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New to AI...

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Hello there... Glad to be part of your community... :) Ok, let's explain you what I want to achieve. I'm doing a rugby flash game. Not a full one for now. In this one you have to tackle the oppponent. So I'm wondering what kind of AI I could apply for it, if you have example or links for AI in sport game. For now the only things I'm doing is checking the wider angle between the opponent/player and opponent/bottom left and right of the playgroung. Thus the opponent can choose the best way to go. so as you can see it's very simple and at its first stage... If you have idea or anything that could help me please... C ya :) and thx much !!

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As a newbie to AI programming myself I can recommend a good book for you. AI Game Programming by Example. The book has an in depth explanation and example on creating AI for a soccer game.

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Thx mate...
i will absolutely buy it, but the thing is I need to get some basic pretty quick... So any web-links for tutorials or even better AI code could be great...

Thx anyway

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Pls luby could you gimme a link to this book...
I would like to buy it for the next game I will do ... Thx you much :)

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This book is written by Mat Buckland.

He has a sample chapter on his website if you wanna check it out.

Mat's Soccer demo game should help you out with your rugby game, I therefore highly recommand you that you read his book. It's great.



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Hi there,

Ok I didn't buy the book yet (I will) but I've started anyway to try to do the AI...

ok here the game (wich I'll update everytime).
For now I'm working on the opponent AI.
No graphics for now, only circle :)

Anyway, you will be able to see circle around the player (red dot).
Those circles are "influence area".

So I'm doing a FSM with 4 major case:
Outside A3 (bigger circle)
Inside A3
Inside A2
Inside A1

For each case the opponent will have different behavior.

Now I' starting with the Outisde A3 case.

- check player direction
- check A3 Area
- check Intersection Point (IP) (relative to the player and opponent directions)
- get Time to go (T) ( I know the speed and maxspeed for each and the distance too, so I can know the time to go to this point) - To: time to reach IP for opponent, Tp: time to reach IP for player -

This is the different case for the Outside A3:
-> if (no IP && OpPath !hitTest(A3)) goDirection
-> if (To<Tp && IP !in A3) goDirection
-> if (To<Tp && IP in A3) findDirection
-> if (To>Tp && IP !in A3) go Direction
-> if (To>Tp && IP in A3) findDirection

Can you find another states...? Any idea or help are welcome :)

And here is the link to the game in development:

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