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Pong code review

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I've been meaning to put my pong game code up here for review for a few weeks now but kept getting side-tracked. It's my first graphical game, first real game of any kind actually, my first time using sdl, etc. It uses a singleton class structure, and is otherwise fairly basic. Whatever suggestions people can provide on any or all parts (even if it's not code related - use of comments in code for example) are greatly appreciated. The game requires SDL and SDL_image. The code is cross-platform, compiled and tested on Windows XP Pro and gentoo linux 2.6.12. Game executable and graphic resources: (81kb) Game source (*nix and windows): (12kb) Source package includes VC++ 2k5 Express solution and generic Makefile. Makefile install creates an executable in the current directory. Make clean removes all temporary files and uninstalls (deletes) the executable. The VC8 CRT if you need it: (1.8m) - I haven't tested installing this personally, but it should work fine if you need it. I'd like to thank lazyfoo for his/her? great sdl tutorials which helped me get started. and Aaron Cox, who's pong ai code I heavily based mine off of. I'm considering creating an "easy" skill level which would slow down the ai paddle a bit (currently both paddles speed's are equal to the ball's max horizontal speed, which creates only 2 situations where you can score on the ai - albeit they happen often enough at the moment).

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