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Runge-Kutta 4th Order

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I'm trying to do a particle simulation and I think my Runge-Kutta algorithm is working but I'm not sure if it is completely correct. The error may also be when I calculate the force but I think its in here. Am I doing it incorrectly? f=acceleration...
   // Runge-Kutta - 4th order
    void RungeKutta()
        // The stepsize
        const double h = 0.005;
        Vecd k1v = h * gVelocities;
        Vecd k1f = h * SumForces(gPositions, gVelocities);
        Vecd k2v = h * (gVelocities + k1f/2.0);
        Vecd k2f = h * SumForces(gPositions + k1v/2.0, gVelocities + k1f/2.0);
        Vecd k3v = h * (gVelocities + k2f/2.0);
        Vecd k3f = h * SumForces(gPositions + k2v/2.0, gVelocities + k2f/2.0);
        Vecd k4v = h * (gVelocities + k3f);
        Vecd k4f = h * SumForces(gPositions + k3v, gVelocities + k3f);

        gVelocities += k1f/6 + k2f/3 + k3f/3 + k4f/6;
        gPositions  += k1v/6 + k2v/3 + k3v/3 + k4v/6;

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A useful way to check an integrator is to apply it to a problem where you already know the answer. Then you can compare the numerical result to the analytic result to make sure the integrator is behaving as you expect.

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