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Yea, I've taken a few of their classes. The material is top notch. I hear that now they have printed manuals which is even better.

The C++ module is rather good, specially if you are just looking for a refresher or looking to apply it to game development.

Their graphics modules for directx contain a lot of information. It's nice to have both the written text and their videos. They cover the same material but they are different, so it's good to follow along with both. There really arn't any books on the market that cover graphics development the way that this course does. You really get a feel for how it all works. Yea, it's directx, but you learn what directx is doing under the hood. It really helps putting everything into perspective.

Everything is at your own pace, and once you sign up for a course, you seem to be able to get back into it forever. I signed up for the graphics stuff back in 2003 and I can still get into it when I need to.

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