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Need a 24bit PCX image for loader testing.

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I've written an image loader for the PCX format supporting 256 color and 24bit color modes. 256 color is tested and working fine, but I do not have any 24bit PCX images, nor do I have a program capable of creating them(only 8bit ones.) I normally wouldn't ask anyone to do anything for me / give me anything but if anyone would be so kind as to provide me with a test image it would be very appreciated and it would save me the trouble of downloading and installing an image suite. Google yielded nothing but endless links to image editors. Any image will do, so long as its 24bit and large enough to make out, but no larger than say, 128x128 (32x32 would be ideal.) Its not being used for anything besides testing the loader. Feel free to email it or host it somewhere and post the link. Thank you in advance.

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