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DirectInput API question (usb gamecontroller)

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Hello. I'm hardly trying to fix (maybe patch binary) an old game, namely P.O.D. It exits when used with a USB Joystick. Gameport device works fine. Both controllers have same features (3 axes, cooliehat, 4 buttons) Strange, no real hardware abstraction here :-(. Its based on DirectX 5 for input AFAIK. I isolated a structure which is -run, with gameport joystick, usb device disabled -crashes with only usb joystick -run once, repeat into crash with both devices attached and enabled. the fault is a illegal mem read. My question is, which attributes besides of buttons & axes could differ on DInput 5 for game devices? I dont think DX gives me the bad pointer, maybe its a consequence of "too much button" or something else; but as i stated both devices are euqal except of connection type. i've heard about of other old games behaveing strange with usb devices too... from my not dx5 knowing point of view this seems strange ... thanks very much for ideas and information, Paul

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