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VB.NET casting to System.IO.StreamReader

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I have an open file Dialog box and I am trying to get the stream from that dialog box, but I need to cast from a Stream to a StreamReader, but when I do I am getting this error: "error BC30311: Value of type 'System.IO.Stream' cannot be converted to 'System.IO.StreamReader'" here's my code snippet:
            Dim FileDiag As New OpenFileDialog
            FileDiag.InitialDirectory = "C:\"
            FileDiag.Filter = "Text files (*.txt)|*.txt"
            FileDiag.FilterIndex = 1
            FileDiag.RestoreDirectory = True

            If FileDiag.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then
                'The error is on the line below
                m_InputStream = CType(FileDiag.OpenFile(), System.IO.StreamReader)
                If Me.m_InputStream Is Nothing Then
                    Throw New Exception("Error opening the file")
                End If

                Me.m_InputFilename.Text = FileDiag.FileName

            End If

what am I doing wrong? ~guyaton

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OpenFile returns a Stream, pass this to the StreamReader constructor to read from it, something like this:

m_InputStream = new System.IO.StreamReader(FileDiag.OpenFile())

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