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Space: Absolute War - Release Candidate 1

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Space: Absolute War Epic Turn Based War Spanning a Whole Galaxy Edit: Added zLib1.dll download link if needed Release Information Space: Absolute War is designed to be part of my demo CV that I will be using to re-enter the game industry sometime in the next year. With that in mind, I have posted the first release candidate that hopefully people can download and report any issues that might arise. I have spent the last 14 hours excessivly bug hunting (and fixing) so I am pretty confidant about its stability, but I would like the experience of running the game on a variety of hardware. For information on how to play the game, scroll down to the Game Instructions section. Download: Space Release Candidate 1 - Hosted by Download: zLib1.dll - Download and place in the root directory if required Any feedback, either on the quality of the game, or any percived issues, would be more than appreciated. Feel free to post your opinions on the forums to let me know. Game Overview Space: Absolute War is a turn based strategy game, based on the map sections of the Total War series, with various diplomatic and tactical elements from Sid Meier's Civilization. The game allows the player to advance and expand their galactic faction through the use of military, technological or diplomatic means, giving them a varied amount of playing options. The player is able to do this while playing any of the available factions, each with their own unique unit, building and technology trees. Screen Shots The following are various screen shots from throughout the game. Different elements are shown, but for the full effect, download the game and give it a try. Minimum Spec The following is an estimation of the minimum spec needed to play Space. Hopefully, from the feedback I get, I can narrow this down. Processor: 1Ghz processor plus Memory: 256MB Ram Graphics Card: Any DX9 capable graphics card Sound Card: Any 16-bit plus sound card Known Issues Whilst the game is almost feature complete, it is intended as a demo project, rather than a full and complete game. With that in mind, their are certain known issues, which are described as follows. * When German is selected, speech is still in English * German translations were done via Babel Fish so will not be 100% accurate Game Play Instructions Space: Absolute War plays in a very similar manner to the pre-Rome, Total War map sections. Select and drag a unit to move them to an adjacent system, and drop them onto other units to carry out commands, such as attack, assassinate, bribe etc. To build system constructions or train units, click on the buttons on the main HUD, which will allow you to select from a range of possible units/constructions. It is not possible to build constructions until you build a Space Platform in the host system. The smaller buttons on the main HUD allow you to control various elements of your faction, from diplomacy and trade, to finances and research. The on-screen advisor will give you more information when you first select the screen. To view unit and system information, right click on the unit, which will bring up the entity details screen, giving you information on loyalty, happiness and command ratings. If you want to play around with the debug settings, press Ctrl+T to bring up the tweak menu. These features allow you to change various game elements. To take a screen shot, press Ctrl+S, which will store the image in the ScreenCapture folder. Team Structure Lee Winder - Project Lead and Programmer. Anthony Fallows - Concept Artist and Faction Design. James Currie - Planet and Artist. Adam Kirby - Music Design and Performance Contact Information If you wish to send me any information regarding the project, and do not want to use the forums, please contact me by any of the following methods. E-Mail - MSN - ICQ - 216292275 Thanks for reading, and hopefully trying the game out. Let me know what you think. Spree [Edited by - SpreeTree on December 18, 2005 11:41:16 AM]

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