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[web] Trying to display the current time in PHP

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I've been learning a bit of basic PHP, and I've hit a snag (again). I've got some code to display the current time, but it isn't working correctly. Here's my index.php code:
include "includes/time.inc.php";
$timeOutput = new time;

<font color=black>
<? $timeOutput->generateTime(); ?>
<? $timeOutput->displayTime(); ?>

And here's the file "time.inc.php":

class time {

	var $time;

	function generateTime() {

		$time = getDate();

		foreach ($time as $key => $value) {

			print $key.": ".$value."<BR>";



	function displayTime() {

		print ($time['weekday'].", ".$time['mday']." ".$time['month']." ".$time['year']);



But here's what gets output:
seconds: 34
minutes: 15
hours: 21
mday: 18
wday: 0
mon: 12
year: 2005
yday: 351
weekday: Sunday
month: December
0: 1134940534
Where the comma is, you can see from the code it should say something like "Sunday, 18 December 2005" - but it doesn't, I just see the comma. The time is obviously being generated fine as it's being printed out by the generateTime() method. So where am I going wrong? Does PHP treat variables in a different way, or something? Thanks for your help, ukdeveloper.

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PHP class variables must be accessed with "$this" at all times.

$this->time = getDate();

Have you considered just using the "date" function?

print date('Y-m-d');

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Yes, date(). When programming in php it is important to remember they have a function for pretty much everything. Check php.net before implimenting something like that.

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