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[web] parse XML into mysql

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Hello, i want to make a script with which i open an xml file and write its data into mysql. i try the following: use strict; use DBI; use XML::Parser; # create hash to hold values for expected column names my %row = ("name" => undef, "category" => undef); # connect to database and create parser object my $dbh = DBI->connect ("DBI:mysql:test", "testuser", "testpass", { RaiseError => 1, PrintError => 0}); my $parser = new XML::Parser ( Handlers => { Start => \&handle_start, End => \&handle_end, Char => \&handle_text } ); # parse file and disconnect $parser->parsefile ("animal.xml"); $dbh->disconnect (); to read an xml like: <?xml version="1.0"?> <dataset> <row> <name>snake</name> <category>reptile</category> </row> <row> <name>frog</name> <category>amphibian</category> </row> <row> <name>tuna</name> <category>fish</category> </row> <row> <name>racoon</name> <category>mammal</category> </row> </dataset> but i get Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING' or `'('' in c:\phpdev\www\untitled-1.php on line why?? PS:How can write code in a frame when i post??cause its not nice to write it like the way i wrote it.

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Your code looks like Perl, but you are trying to execute it as if it is PHP, that is not going to work.
Use [source]code here[/source] to put the code in a box.

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Hi again.

i try to parse an xml file but i have a problem.

the xml file is like this:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding="ISO-8859-7"?>

<!-- File name eidisi.xml -->

<ETOS>2006 </ETOS>

i can normal get all the tags contents expept from the last 2 KATIGORIA and KEIMENO..I dont understand why.. pls help..

here is my code:

//---------------------------PARSING TOY XML------------------------------------//
// the xml file we want to parse

//First we define a number of variables to store the data from each element


$currentElement=""; //holds the name of the current element

$shows=array(); //array to hold all the movie data

/* The start Element Handler
* This is where we store the element name, currently being parsed, in $currentElement.
* This is also where we get the attribute, if any.

function startElement($parser,$name,$attr){


}//end startElement()

* The end Element Handler

function endElement($parser,$name){

/*If the element being parsed is a show it means that the

*parser has completed parsing show. We can then store

* the data in our array $shows[ ]


foreach($elements as $element){

/*After storing the data we reset our global show-variables to
hold a new show*/





/*After parsing a movie we reset the rest of the globals.*/







}//end endElement()

/* The character data Handler
* Depending on what the currentElement is,
* the handler assigns the value to the appropriate variable

function characterData($parser, $data) {
$elements = array (

foreach ($elements as $element) {
if ($GLOBALS["currentElement"] == $element) {
$GLOBALS[$element] .= $data;

/* This is where the actual parsing is going on.
* parseFile() parses the xml document and return an array
* with the data we asked for.

function parseFile(){
global $xmlSource,$shows;

/*Creating the xml parser*/

/*Register the handlers*/

/*Disables case-folding. Needed for this example*/

/*Open the xml file and feed it to the parser in 4k blocks*/
die("Cannot open $xmlSource ");

die(sprintf("XML error at line %d column %d ",

/*Finish ! we free the parser and returns the array*/

return $shows;

}//end parseFile()

Calling the parseFile() and getting the result out

foreach($result as $arr)
echo "$TITLOS_VASI<br>";
echo "$KATIGORIA_VASI<br>";
echo "$KEIMENO_VASI<br>";
echo "$ETOS_VASI<br>";



thanks in advance.

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