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How to use Singleton and STL in a Win32 DLL

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(WinXP SP2 and VC 7.1) In a Win32 DLL Project: // Kernel.h ... ... ... ... namespace Cyber { class __declspec( dllexport ) Kernel : public Singleton<Kernel> { public: Kernel(void); ~Kernel(void); public: static Kernel& GetSingleton(void); static Kernel* GetSingletonPtr(void); private: std::string m_strName; ... ... ... ... } } // Kernel.cpp #include "Kernel.h" namespace Cyber { template<> Kernel* Singleton<Kernel>::ms_Singleton = 0; Kernel* Kernel::GetSingletonPtr(void) { return ms_Singleton; } Kernel& Kernel::GetSingleton(void) { assert( ms_Singleton ); return ( *ms_Singleton ); } Kernel::Kernel(void) { } Kernel::~Kernel(void) { } ... ... ... ... } Now, Compile, and Success. In a Win32 Project: // MyTest.h #include "Kernel.h" #pragma comment( lib, "Kernel.lib" ) using namespace Cyber; ... ... ... ... // MyTest.cpp #include "MyTest.h" ... ... ... ... void Test() { Kernel *pKernel = new Kernel(); ... ... ... ... delete( pKernel ); } ... ... ... ... Now, Compile, and Error! The message is: stdafx.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "protected: static class Cyber::Kernel * Cyber::Singleton<class Cyber::Kernel>::ms_Singleton" (?ms_Singleton@?$Singleton@VKernel@Cyber@@@Cyber@@1PAVKernel@2@A) Debug/CyberContainer.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals Who can tell me why? How can I resolve the problem? Thanks very much! [Edited by - coderwu on December 19, 2005 4:03:24 AM]

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When working with static member variables you need to do something extra:

// Header file.
class X
// Declaration:
static X* m_pInstance;

// CPP-file
#include "X.h"

// Definition
X* X::m_pInstance = NULL;

You're probably missing that last line; the definition of the variable. Unlike non-static member variables static ones are not automatically defined because there is no instance to define them in.


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Original post by Enigma
Did you forget to __declspec(dllimport) your exported classes in the Win32 application?


Thanks, It's my fault. Now, It's OK!

At the same time, thank Illco for your reply!

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