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Pencil drawing radiosity lightmap generator released.

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exe & delphi 6 source code: Run only in 32bpp windows desktop colordepth! screenshot: RADIOSITY Idea: Each poligon have: 1) lmap:array[0..leveldim-1] of TBMP; - Ligtmap 2) tmap:array[0..leveldim-1] of TBMP; - Texturemap 3) imap:array[0..leveldim-1] of TBMP; - Indexmap tmap loaded/filled with color lmap generated with DistributeLight procedure imap generated with MakeIndex procedure - Parallel projections used to generate lightmaps glOrtho,glReadPixels(...,rptrP),glReadPixels(...,rptrN) - Z-buffer data for attenuation (length between patches) glReadPixels(...,@ZBufP),glReadPixels(...,@ZBufN) gluLookAt(eye , eye + normal, perpvec) <-> rptrP,ZBufP gluLookAt(eye , eye - normal, perpvec) <-> rptrN,ZBufN Any ideas are welcome!

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