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Toakamak Terrain Problem

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Hi there, I've gone through the codesampler tutorial, to get a terrain mesh using 3ds up and running. I've checked that the vertices and indices stored in the neTriangleMesh triMesh; structure are correct, by rendering them as a wireframe overlay, but all my rigid bodies don't seem to collide at all. http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/5955/screen045nt.jpg and here's the f() for setting up the mesh
int		CPhysicsManager::addTriangleMeshBody( t3DObject* pObject ){



		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]					=	new	tTriangleMeshBody;

		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->numOfTriangles	=	pObject->numOfFaces;
		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->numOfVerts		=	pObject->numOfVerts;

		int		numOfTriangles	=	pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->numOfTriangles;
		int		numOfVerts		=	pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->numOfVerts;

		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triVertices	=	new neV3 [numOfVerts];
		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData		=	new	neTriangle [numOfTriangles];

		//	fill in the array
		for(int i=0;i<numOfVerts;++i){
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triVertices.Set( pObject->pVerts.x, pObject->pVerts.y, pObject->pVerts.z);

		for(int j = 0; j < numOfTriangles; j ++)
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData[j].indices[0]	=	pObject->pFaces[j].vertIndex[0];
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData[j].indices[1]	=	pObject->pFaces[j].vertIndex[1];
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData[j].indices[2]	=	pObject->pFaces[j].vertIndex[2];
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData[j].flag		=	neTriangle::NE_TRI_TRIANGLE;
			pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData[j].materialID	=	0;

		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triMesh.vertices		= pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triVertices;
		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triMesh.triangleCount	= numOfTriangles;
		pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triMesh.triangles		= pTMB[nCounter_triangleMeshBody]->triData;

		return nCounter_triangleMeshBody;
		return -1;

I've had problems with y and x being reversed in the past, but this doesn't seem to be the case i don't think. Anyway, i'm stuck!!!!!

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damn, new to this....


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