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OpenGL dx9 occlusion queries on older hardware?

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Hello everyone. I have been reading the forums for quite a while , and now that time has come for me to try my powers in game programming. i have been studing dx9 and wrote some samples , so i am moving on to scene management. my video card ( geforce 3 ti200 ) is supposed to provide hardware accleration for occlusion queries , but no matter what i do the code wont work. the error is always at "Query->Issue(D3DISSUE_BEGIN)". Has anyone here experienced the same problem with a geforce 3( always speaking for directx only ,as i wouldnt like to mess with opengl and its extensions )? is there a solution to this ? thanks in advance.

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Some more details on the error might be useful - including the rest of your query creation code.

The online documentation is a bit dead right now, but have you read through the Direct3D9 -> Programming Guide -> Advanced Topics -> Queries page?

Also, have you tried the debug runtimes with maximum output? see if they give you any clues as to what it doesn't like [smile]

Tried the latest drivers for your hardware?

Been able to test it on any other chipsets?


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yes i have read the documentation. it is in the sdk too.
i use the latest forceware drivers available for my geforce 3 card from nvidia.
i have not implemented them in my own project gecause they dont work :)
but a sample code is here:
as well as nvidias own tutorial which is supposed to be for geforce 3 class cards
and higher.
the samples will comile alright but when the command
"d3dQuery->Issue( D3DISSUE_BEGIN )" is executed the program abnormaly terminates.
I supose the query is not created at all.
maybe my card doesnt support this feature under dx9 after all?

thanks for your reply.

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