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Text Problem (Im newbie)

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I'm absolutely newbie on windows programing (I started it a month ago) but I know C++ console programing from a year. On the console it was easy to write simple text with a lot of functions (iostream, fstream, filebuf, streambuf, stdio). Creating a window requires so much information (title, style, etc.) and everything is perfectly explained in MSDN but I found only one function for text (TextOut). I want to make SingleDocTemplate to show text from a file and I cannot find a way to write File Contents (they are in std::string variable) from the buffer to the SingleDocTemplate Window. Please, Can you tell me the way to show some text on a SingleDocTemplate or on any type of window (exclude console window)???

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hm...well..im not sure if this answers your question but to write text to a window i use sprintf and TextOut. for example:

char buffer[64];
int textOutput;

textOutput = sprintf( buffer,"Lives: %d", lives);
TextOut(backHDC, 10, 20, buffer, strlen(buffer));
textOutput = sprintf(buffer, "Score: %d", score);
TextOut(backHDC, 630, 20, buffer, strlen(buffer));

sprintf(char array to store data to, string literal to store, variable with string literal, like printf);

TextOut(hdc, xcoord, ycoord, where to take data from, amount to write (can be a number, but doing it this way means it takes the actual strings length..which is tidier).

i hope my rather inelegant explenation helps you in some way.

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Yeah I do it in the same way when I saw that every redraw of the window (minimize/maximize/hide behind other windows and the show it again) makes all DC drawing including text disappear. I'm not sure that TextOut is the proper way to writing a text. May be for Dialogs can use Static control.
I created Window with CEditView (Using MFC) and in that way I can write some text and set different modes with CRichEditFormat class. I don't know how to extract value of string/char* variable to DocTemplate. That I was asking about and also is the way can be used to extract text to window created with Win32 or is there similar way ?
Is anyone can help ?

Sorry for my bad English :)

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It has been some while but for text drawing, it would be better if you had the drawing functions inside the WM_PAINT. This way, every time the window is redrawn, the desired functions would be called.

Something like the following:

case WM_PAINT:
hdc = BeginPaint (hwnd, &ps) ;

GetClientRect (hwnd, &rect) ;

DrawText (hdc, TEXT ("Hello World!"), -1, &rect,

EndPaint (hwnd, &ps) ;
return 0 ;

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