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Problem with switching between screen modes

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Hi, I'm writing in this forum as I used NeHe'a code as a base. Though it was a while ago and the code has grown into something more complex. So I'm havin an app, that loads "module" class from a DLL file. The class mainly contains three methods - Init, Tick and Kill. The methods can post messages to the app and execute an "read message" function, to translate them. The framework I have atm worked fine before extracting the module part to the external library (so when it was a one whole app). PROBLEM DESCRIPTION HERE The module (DLL) I've written for testing with my main app (the engine) gives user few options, four of which don't work anymore. They are 4 possibilities of setting the screen resolution(four hard coded modes to dhoose from), and the fifth one is a "fullscreen toggling" option. So what shold be happening is: F1 - toggle fullscreen (by default the app begins in windowed mode) F5-F8 - set a fixed resolution The app does it like in NeHe tutorial. Kill the window, change settings, then create new window. BUT... ...what happens is: F1 - app goes fullscreen, and quits after a second or two with no messagebox or other error message. F5-F8 - window changes size, but stopps displaying anything special. I tried searchind the forum for similar problem, but I failed to find anything. I have no idea about the resolution change issue (maybe something with the DC?), however I have one clue about fullscreen toggling. When debugging, the app exited at call to "CreateWindowEx" function. The NeHe framework handles this error with a proper messagebox, which is there in my app (in the code) too, hovewer it's never shown by the app exiting. Thanx in advance. I really care about this project. If more info is needed, just specify, what is missing in my explanation and I'll post more.

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