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HOW TO get Hareware ID by using API

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By calling a function.

"Which function?"
Which API/Hardware ID?

"API X, Hardware ID Y"
Likely answers:
Google Search: C++ X Y ID
MSDN Search: C++ X Y ID
Note: Substitute C++ for language of your choice.

For guessing two steps ahead, I win!

As a prize... I recieve... a door!!!

I'm going to go install that door now. Finally get some privacy to change/blare loud music.

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every last minute of it!"


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If I read you correctly, you want some form of unique identifier for the computer, generated by hashing the disk ID / NIC ID, maybe a couple of other values.


The following source shows how to extract eh NIC information.. maybe someone else has DiskID info?

I'd be carefull about trusting it too far though; the user will hate you if installing a new network card disables his game. NICs can also be faked using programs that overwrite the NIC ID.

// Retrieve network interface information

DWORD sizeReq = 0 ;
// Get size information
::GetIfTable(NULL, &sizeReq, FALSE) ;

// Allocate required memory
pInfo = (PMIB_IFTABLE)( new BYTE [sizeReq] );
memset (pInfo, 0, sizeReq) ;

DWORD sizeToUse = sizeReq ;

// Retrieve network interface information
bool result = ( ::GetIfTable( (PMIB_IFTABLE)pInfo, &sizeToUse, FALSE) == NO_ERROR );
if( !result )
delete [] (PMIB_IFTABLE)pInfo;
pInfo = NULL;
_LOG(MSG_WARNING, "Couldn't retrieve network interface information!");
return ;

m_NIC = "";
// Print all interface information
for( unsigned int index = 0; index <((PMIB_IFTABLE)pInfo)->dwNumEntries; index ++ )
// Get interface description
MIB_IFROW& details = ((PMIB_IFTABLE)pInfo)->table[index];

// Format physical address
char macStr[50];
memset(macStr, 0, sizeof(macStr));
for (DWORD j = 0 ; j < details.dwPhysAddrLen ; ++j)
sprintf( &macStr[j*3], "%02X-", details.bPhysAddr[j] );
macStr[j*3-1] = '\0';

m_NIC = macStr;


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