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Writing a string array

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Oh yes :P I'm having troubles again. :( After all your guys' help, I finaly got everything working, except writing a string array to disk. So I used the method I was using, which everyone helped me with, yet it doesn't work :( So, here goes :P
string *IDs = new string[13];

	IDs[0] = "0";
	IDs[1] = "1";
	IDs[2] = "2";
	IDs[3] = "3";
	IDs[4] = "4";
	IDs[5] = "5";
	IDs[6] = "6";
	IDs[7] = "7";
	IDs[8] = "8";
	IDs[9] = "9";
	IDs[10] = "10";
	IDs[11] = "11";
	IDs[12] = "12";

	for(int i = 0;i<fileStruct.tileCount;i++)
		UINT size = UINT(fileStruct.mapIDs.size());
		// Write the length of the string to the file
		writer.write((char*)&size, sizeof(UINT));
		// Write the string to the file


This method worked fine for a single string, and i figured it should work for an array. But no :P It works until I hit the first line of the for loop, where it does UNIT(...). It breaks with this error:
Unhandled exception at 0x1048b2ba (msvcp80d.dll) in Nocturne.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000018.
So..what do I do? fileStruct.tileCount is initialized, and for this is 13. And yes, i checked this, and it is 13 going into the loop. Anyhelp would be awesome. Thanks!

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fileStruct.mapIDs appears to be uninitialized (a null pointer). Make sure that you're overwriting it with the IDs pointer somewhere.

Otherwise the code looks fine too me..

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You say you're trying to write an array of strings to disk, but I don't know what fileStruct is, or that mapIDs structure, either. You didn't actually touch your "array of strings"

std::vector<string> ids(10);

ids[0] = "zero";
ids[1] = "one";
ids[2] = "two";
ids[3] = "three";
ids[4] = "four";
ids[5] = "five";
ids[6] = "six";
ids[7] = "seven";
ids[8] = "eight";
ids[9] = "nine";

for( std::vector<string>::iterator iter = ids.begin(); iter != ids.end(); ++iter )
//print each string in 'ids', one to a line
file << *iter << '\n';

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You can also use std::copy to "copy" the container to an output stream:

std::copy( ids.begin(), ids.end(), std::ostream_iterator<string>( file_stream, "\n" ) );

Where "\n" is the delimiter.

That gets rid of the whole for loop.

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is there ever a case when the ids wont be integers?

if not then you can just make it a int array and simplfy both your loading and saving code...( that is, if you are eventually going to convert them to an int )

unless the fact that they are strings is important

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Oie. Lol. I have to stop posting code when I wake up :P Of course, i forgot to assign it to my struct. Sorry for wasting your time guys...And ya, it will hold string things instead of "1", "2", etc. It will hold "ID_GRASS" or w/e, so a int array is out of the question.

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