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[.net] Need a solution to move beyond winforms

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Hi, Right now I have a simulation that uses winforms for the setup or building of the scenario being simulated in our game. I have a base panel custom UI (Forms.UserControl), and then place bitmap objects for the different elements selected from icons on a toolbar. Each of these is base classed off of Forms.Control. You move the bitmaps around the landscape (all 2d) and right click and input the properties of each object. So, for example, if I want to add a person to my map, I click the icon for the person, and then a new Person object base classed off the Forms.Control is added onto the Forms.UserControl. The base class gives me general events such as mouse dragging, key input, etc while the inherited class gives me access to it's specific properties. The whole thing can be saved as an XML object and sent to our runtime engine. All of this is written and working well. The only problem is it doesn't look great and has performance issues. I'm looking to take this to the next step. I've looked into SDL.NET, but I want to make sure I can still have this set inside a winform object. Our outputs use directx, but I'd like to keep it more simple on the input side, but something a little prettier and flexible than winforms. Any ideas? I like my current system as it make it simple to add new unit types, etc very quickly.

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