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error C2228: left of '.Train' must have class/struct/union type

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This is an error I dont understand, Im trying to make the simpliest neural net imageinable, two inputs, nothing hidden and the aim is for it to learn the XOR function. But somehow, it doesnt like my neuron class. When I try to train it, I get the error message in topic, why? The train function belongs to the Neuron class so it should be ok. Main.cpp
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <conio.h>

#include "Neuron.h"

using namespace std;

#define TRAINTIMES 5000

int main (void) {
	Neuron Net;

	for(int i = 0; i < TRAINTIMES; i++) {
		cout << "(1, 1) --- " << Net.Train(1, 1, 0) << endl;
		cout << "(1, 0) --- " << Net.Train(1, 0, 1) << endl;
		cout << "(0, 1) --- " << Net.Train(0, 1, 1) << endl;
		cout << "(0, 0) --- " << Net.Train(0, 0, 0) << endl;

	return 1;

#include <vector>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <iostream>

#define LEARNRATE 0.01

using namespace std;

class Neuron {
	float w1;
	float w2;
	float wb;	// bias

	int hardlimiter(int);
	int inputsTotal;

			Neuron();	// ctor
	float	Train(int i1, int i2, int correctOutput);

#include "Neuron.h"

Neuron::Neuron() {
	w1 = (((rand()%2000)-1000)/1000);
	w2 = (((rand()%2000)-1000)/1000);
	wb = (((rand()%2000)-1000)/1000); // bias

float Neuron::Train(int i1, int i2, int correctOutput) {
	float output = (i1*w1) + (i2*w2) + (1*wb);	
	output = hardlimiter(output);	// sum up inputs and weights

	// training!

	float error = correctOutput - output;
	//cout << error << endl;

	w1 = w1+(LEARNRATE*error*i1);
	w2 = w2+(LEARNRATE*error*i2);
	wb = wb+(LEARNRATE*error*1);

	return output;

int Neuron::hardlimiter(int a) {
	if(a < 0)
		return 0;
		return 1;

[Edited by - Mizipzor on January 4, 2006 8:17:39 AM]

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Thanks, didnt know classes had to be created like that if they ctor didnt take any arguments. :)

But I got another problem now, something is severly wrong. It doesnt learn XOR, it learns the complete opposite. :P

1 1 = 1
1 0 = 0
0 1 = 0
0 0 = 1

Ive updated my first post with the current source, can anyone see the cause of this problem?

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I haven't gone through all the code, but why don't you just use the xor operator?

1 ^ 1 = 0
1 ^ 0 = 1
0 ^ 1 = 1
0 ^ 0 = 0

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Original post by Mizipzor
The point was more to make a working neural net, not get the result of a xor operation.

Ah well, I guess I misunderstood the issue.
Unfortunately, my limited knowledge of NN prevents me from being of any assistance. [smile]

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Bummer. Well at least you tried. [smile]

Ive tried changing the learning rate and the number of times the net is trained but nothing seems to help. The training function really isnt long, but maybe I should have posted in the artificial intelligence section if I wanted anyone good with AI to take a look at it.

Maybe I should change the topic to... :/ hmm

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