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rpg engine

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I programed in vb.net for a long time but have now switched to c++ because I like it. This was probly a bad project to start because of my lack of knowledge of this language but I really wanted to do it. Anyway to the point. Some programmer friends and I started making an rpg engine using c++. We are using SDL for the graphics/sound/input/threading and python for scripting. I was going to use lua but python apears to be better documented. The problem is the battle system. Should I just treat it as a plugin ? If so how should I store the character variables because I don't know what variables there system will use. I also don't know how to do the rendering I don't really want to build api to my rendering functions because the point of this engine is to allow the user to make an rpg without needing to know much programming. The other issue is should I just use the python for my plugins or should I try to figure out how to use .dll files. When I started the project I was just gonna have a static battle system and allow the user to change variable values(stats,etc) via python interface. The problem there is what if they deside they want to use for example D&D rules for combat. They would have to do allot of a hacking to get even close to what they wanted. Oh I almost forgot this is a tile based rpg engine. Please Help!

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