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Strange behaviour in D3DFont class when resizing window

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Hi I have problems when resizing window, I get the following debug message " Direct3D9: (ERROR) :The following D3DPOOL_DEFAULT surfaces/buffers/textures still exist Direct3D9: (ERROR) : D3DRTYPE_VERTEXBUFFER Direct3D9: (ERROR) : Memory Address: 0a1c3060 lAllocID=1020 dwSize=00000050, (pid=00000d8c) ... Direct3D9: (ERROR) :All user created D3DPOOL_DEFAULT surfaces must be freed before Reset can succeed. Reset Fails. " the lAllocID belongs to the D3DFont class... and before trying to do the reset on the device I make sure I call the InvalidateDeviceObjects() method on my two fonts... which do the work of doing a SAFE_RELEASE on the vertex buffer pointer.. So, why does the buffer don't get released?? =) Please heeelp... It hasn't anything to do with the ID3DXEffect's cause I call the OnLostDevice() method before the reset. /Hendrix

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