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Model format

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Hello, I'm looking for a model format which stores vertices and normals, like the one i NeHes cel-shading lesson. I've made a simple loader for raw models, which only contains vertices, and I would like to try cel-shading and stuff and then I'll need to have the normals as well, right?

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Another option would be to keep your raw file format and calculate all the normals for each triangle / polygon face ONCE at the start when you are loading your model.

For example try:

vector3f CalcNormal(const vector3f& a, const vector3f& b, const vector3f& c)


vector3f ea = a - c;

vector3f eb = b - c;

vector3f normal = vector3f::Cross(ea, eb);

return normal.Normalize();


If the vertices happen to be backwards windings, just swap the cross product to get the correct normal for your file format.


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What modeller are you using?

With 3dsMax it's super easy to write an exporter (in MaxScript) that puts out faces, vertices, normal, texcoords from multiple channels etc.
So go ahead and create your own format :-)

(There's a nice sample/tutorial in the script reference that does almost everything you need)

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