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Rotating images with DirectDraw

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Call me old fashioned, but I still use DD and DX 7... I have never gotten far enough in a worthwhile game to use the rotation member of the bltfx struct (read: all my other finished games didn''t require it). I just wrote a simple test becase I have never used it, and it doesn''t work! I can blt my image plain, but not with the rotationangle flag specified. I still get the FPS counter on the screen, just no tilted image. I use code that looks like this:
lpddsback->Blt(&DestRect, TestImage, NULL, DDBLT_ROTATIONANGLE | DDBLT_WAIT, &ddbltfx);
When I omit the DDBLT_ROTATIONANGLE flag, everything works normally, when I use it I get a blank screen and an FPS counter Any ideas? --------------------

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Most hardware does not support the DDBLT_ROTATIONANGLE flag. If you want to rotate an image you must do it through software (you need to look the surface and take care of the blitting yourself). I have an example of this on my webpage.

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You can use other flags to flip an image horizontally or vertically (or both) for the blit, but you can''t use DDBLT_ROTATIONANGLE, unfortunately. I had the misfortune to find that out myself, a while back. I thought the DD programmers would at least have written code for HEL support...


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