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Wants to Get Started In Graphics

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I''me a 4 month C++ programmer, 4 year seasoned programmer. Today I''ve completed my first full-length game and it''ll be added to my site. My problem is, I can do most anything in regular programming, DOS window, text. But I want graphics. I don''t want Allegro, cause its very unstable, it crashed 2 computers beyond repair at our lab so far. I''m not asking for a lot, all I want is clickable buttons and maybe a background picture. I''m using Microsoft C++ 6.0, and i''m quite good with it. Please help. =============== Xavior, Mind and Fire

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Windows GDI supports bitmaps (slow, but it works). You can make custom buttons by using the built in button class - just make it transparent and put a bitmap behind it.

If you want something more complicated, such as tiled maps or animated character sprites, you''ve probably got another steep learning curve ahead.

If you''re just looking to build a Myst game, consider some of the engines that have already been built to handle it. Unfortunately they don''t make good use of your programming skills, but alot of the hard work has been done. There''s a list
which can help you if you want to go that route.

some of htem are free, and a few even have source code available.

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