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STL: Use vector to wrap existing array?

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A system call (to retrieve console input events) allocates an array, assigns it to an out parameter, and returns the size of the array. I want to wrap up the data in an STL vector. Is there a way to assign an STL vector a buffer rather than copying the array contents into a new vector and deleting the original array? ~BenDilts( void );

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You want to construct your vector with this,

template<class InputIterator>
InputIterator _First,
InputIterator _Last

but I don't see a way around deleting the old array.

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Not terribly sanely. I'd recommend using the vector to allocate the array as well. Then you get:

//old equiv: size_t example( char ** out ) or ( char *& out )
size_t example( std::vector< char > & out ) {
out.resize( 25 ); //instead of: out = (char *)malloc( 25 ); or similarly ugly non-RAII solution
//if you need to fill out using a C-style function:
cee_style_function( &(out[0]) );

//and we can of course use STL algorithms:
std::fill( out.begin() , out.end() , ' ' );

return out.size();

If you really intend to work with pre-existing memory allocated by something else, std::vector is likely unsuitable. The Boost Smart Pointers Library's boost::scoped_array or boost::shared_array may be useful, if your main concern is RAII wrapping.

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