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OpenGL Alpha channel not working :(

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hi, I am making a simple tile game, drawing solid-color (no texture, no lights) quads. Lately I tried to add the use of alpha channel for translucency but failed miserbly. Each quad rendered fully opque. Can someone help me? I am using SDL and OpenGL the screen is setup with
	SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_RED_SIZE, 8);
	SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_GREEN_SIZE, 8);
	SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_BLUE_SIZE, 8);
	SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_ALPHA_SIZE, 8);
	//SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_DEPTH_SIZE, 32);

	SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER, true);

	m_iVideoFlags = 0;
	m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_OPENGL;
	m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER;
    m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_HWPALETTE; 
    m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_RESIZABLE; 
    if ( videoInfo->hw_available )
		m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_HWSURFACE;
		m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_SWSURFACE;
    if ( videoInfo->blit_hw ) 
		m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_HWACCEL;
	//m_iVideoFlags |= SDL_FULLSCREEN;
	// Attempt to create a WIDTHxHEIGHT window with 32bit pixels.
	if (SetSize(m_iWidth, m_iHeight) ==false)

SetSize changes video mode and calls the openGl 2d code from the forum faq. the quad painting is:
//R,G,B,A are in byte values (0..255)

I tried puting the blend function before each tile, or before the enabling, I tried different blend functions, and still nothing: each quad is always opaque. thanks in advance, Iftah.

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I don't know SDL so this is just a guess, but if SetSize does the display creation then your earlier glEnable(GL_BLEND) calls won't be having any effect as theres no context for them to apply to. Try moving them to just before you draw your quad.

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ooops... [blush]

you are right, SetSize destroys the openGL context and creates a new one,
all the enabling and function setting should be there.

I moved it to that place and everything works now :)

ps. SetSize is my function, not SDL's

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