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Game play demo

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I'm working on an asteroids-style arcade game called "Frantic" (actually, it's closer to the Odyssey II title "UFO", which was loosely based on Asteroids, but I figure most haven't played "UFO"). The core game play is finished and I would like to solicit your feedback. The link to the setup executable is below. A few notes before you start: - There is no user interface/menu yet. The game will just start when you launch it. The ESC key exits the game, and as mentioned in the release notes you can use the arrow keys or mouse to control the ship. The space bar fires your cannon. - There is currently only one background music loop and it was borrowed from the free game Solar Wolf. This will not be in the production soundtrack. I apologize if it gets monotonous listening to the same tune over and over. - I realize the scoreboard/console can use work - I'll be doing that shortly Other than that, I welcome feedback on every other aspect of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read this and (hopefully) play the demo. Frantic Demo Setup [Edited by - dmikesell on January 10, 2006 8:11:38 AM]

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Thanks to some feedback, I've fixed a problem with the keyboard input
and reworked mouse input to let you "aim" the cursor. It needs some
tweaking on the precision, but it's a lot better than the previous mouse
input. From the release notes:

You can use either keyboard or mouse input -- keyboard is the default.
Press the 'm' key to toggle between keyboard and mouse. All controls are
listed below:

ESC key - exit game
'm' key - toggle between mouse and keyboard input

Keyboard input:

Left arrow - turn ship left
Right arrow - turn ship right
Up arrow - thrust
Space bar - fire cannon

Mouse input:

Left mouse button - fire cannon
Right mouse button - thrust
Point cursor - aim ship

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