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Shannon Barber

Request input for FAQ

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I knew the forum FAQ was cleared some time ago, but all it had in it was links to various SE material I found on the web so I'm asking for suggestions and material (links to articles, books, threads, etc...) for topics that deserve a FAQ entry. How is software engineering relavent to video game production? What are sucessful and proven software process in the video game segment? Technical Aspects Core Reuse Game Pipeline Engine Licensing Middle-Ware Testing Tools Management Aspects Scheduling and Estimation Specialized Contractors I'm inclined to say something like Content Creation does not fit under the realm of SE and is handled by a different team and different lead, but this forum is most relevant on the site for project management which would encompass both areas.

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A large list of open source testing tools opensourcetesting.com

The best introduction to how and why you should test (java specific, but still important even if it's not your primary language) The Craftsman articles

Review of some of the major C++ testing frameworks at Games From Within: Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle

For some background and links on how the xUnit approach started, and links to the libraries The xUnit article on Wikipedia

Martin Fowler on Continous integration

The pragmatic programmers (their early stuff is much better than some of the later stuff)

Book suggestions

Working with Legacy Code - Michael Feathers
Test Driven Design: By Example - Kent Beck
UML Distilled - Martin Fowler
Refactoring: Improving the design of Existing Code - Martin Fowler
Code Complete 2 - Steve Mcconnell
The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master - Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
Pragmatic Unit Testing (C#/Java) - Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
Pragmatic Version Control (CVS/SVN) - Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas / Mike Mason
Pragmatic Project Automation - Mike Clark

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I think all software engineering related materials can be found on the IEEE
software engineering body of knowledge

There are some specific books about SE and Games such as:

Software Engineering and Computer Games - R. Rucker
Software engineering for game developers - J.P. Flynt
Game Architecture and Design - A. Rollings & D. Morris

These books tell you how to build games, by discussing various established SE practices but in my personal opinion do not really present solutions to software engineering problems that the game industry struggles with (such as the content generation problem and how to specify and measure game quality)

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