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I am pretty new to direct3d. I have modified one of the sample programs to render a landscape that I create from a heightmap read from a bitmap file. OK... simple enough. Now I want to texture the landscape with other than one texture. My problem is that my landscape is huge and I don''t believe there is enough memory in the world to store a series of textures that would cover the entire landscape. My thought is this: I will render the textures for the landscape in realtime. I want to create a surface and render a base texture, then render transparent terrain features over the base texture to create a unique texture for that area of the landscape. Then I want to call copysurfacetotexture and use the resulting texture to render my mesh. With a small set of base textures and a pretty small set of overlay textures, I can create lots of different looks using this strategy. Before I go forward, I was hoping that people might point out the faults in my plan. Thanks, Seedload

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Hi Seedload,

if you''re trying to acheive this with DX8 you can do the following.

From your D3D texture,
use getsurfacelevel to get a surface interface from your D3D texture.
Then you can use D3DXloadsurfacefromsurface to copy from a scr rect to a dest rect.

your destrect is actually you D3Dtexture.

This way you can have a surface with many 128x128 blocks on it and just copy what you need to your D3Dtexture.

Hope this helps,

ps: if this is using DX7, it''s been a while, i would have to look it up

good luck,


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yes... that helps. But I can''t use blending,alpha channels, transparency, etc. when copying a rect from one surface to another, correct?

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