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How to use registry in VC++?

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There''s a section in the msdn library for this
Has all the reg commands together, search for RegOpenKeyEx
It works kinda like directories (no I will never call them folders)

You can open ''HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Excel\'' and add a ''OPEN=path goes here '' to make excel 2000 load a file on start up.
You can call the shell interface functions from a web page VB script.
Shell functions include reg twiddlers (among many many other system functions)
Does anyone else find this annoying?

You could make a web page empty the trash can, and mess with the desktop too Though I think exploder gives you a nebulous warning about ''unsafe content'' in all cases.

Magmai Kai Holmlor
- The disgruntled & disillusioned

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