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bandwidth for MMORPG

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I don't think there is any possible way to give an answer, even an approximation, without some more information.

What kind of MMORPG?

2D or 3D?
How many players (simultaneously)?
How many potential objects on screen at a time?
Will chat be implemented?
If so, text or voice?
How much will players know about other players?
What types of movement interpolation would you implement?

Even with all of these things, it's impossible to give an exact answer, but giving answers to these may help with an approximation. Even with all of these questions...it's still just touching base of everything one would need to consider.


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Bandwidth will be the cheapest cost you will experience. Energy costs will be much more then that. You can get like 990GB of bandwidth for $200 a month with a decent server.

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Original post by DeltaVee
Wild approximation:

Server to 1000 clients, 10 times a second at 100 bytes a packet is about 1 megabyte a second.

That maybe if the protocols are totally unoptimized.
We get about 1.2 Mbit (up and down combined) with ~500 players on at the same time. Slightly more than that if there is some event or something that causes a lot of players to crowd a location.

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