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Hi! I´m working my way through NeHe´s OpenGL tutorials. I must say that they are great. I´m wondering though: I have a 1GHz AMD Athlon Tbird, 128 Mb of Mushkin high performance PC133 SDREM, a 46GB IBM 75GXP and a LeadTek GeForce 256 DDR gfx-card. I just competed the tutorial where you learn to spin objects around their axes. I get motion-blur and I can spot a little jerkiness in the motion and I also get motion-blur. This shouldn´t happen with only two object should it? Can it have anything to do with the update command: rtri+=1.0f; Doesn´t it update the frame often enough? I´m puzzled by this phnomena, anyone with an answer is free to enlighten me. thanks in advance - hpe newbie

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"I can spot a little jerkiness in the motion"

do u have ''vsync'' switched on, check the display properties


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The jerkiness has nothing to do with the update command. if the drawing function is being called at regular intervals then it''ll be smoth but if something interferes with the timing of that it''ll pause becoming jerky. Some of the things that could cause the delay are...

another program
the debugger (if compiled in debug mode)
any other system event that uses even a small amount of time.

As for the motion blur (or the perception of it) it can be cause by the monitor. The phosporus coating that is illuminated by the electron beams in the picture tube will hold the image for a fraction of a second (that''s why if you turn off a monitor or tv in a dark room the screen continues to glow).

Another posability is that your computer is suffering from a sub harmonic frequency oscilation factor caused by the proximity of the microwave to the toaster in relation to the coffie maker.
- my attempt to get on star trek!


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Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to turn of vsync but
the image of the tutorial-window just flickered, also in
full screen mode. The jerkiness I believe is due to lack
of antialiasing as it turns up unly near the bottom of
the triangle. However, the motion blur that is most obvious
on the rectangle but also present on the triangle shouldn´t
originate from the monitor. The monitor is running in 85 Hz
so any mation-blur from the phosphof-layers shuld be
invisible to the eye.

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