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alpha blending sprites in Dx

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Is there a way to alpha blend 2D sprites in Dx? There seem to be flags for it, but the docs say they won''t work. It also seems I could load the images into texture maps and use the 3D blending, but that seems strange, and doesn''t seem to work for larger bitmaps. I''ve got dx7 and dx8, but I haven''t made the conversion to dx8 yet (it seems like a hefty amount of conversion). My code uses some 3D terrain, but 2D sprites on top of it, and I wanted to do some alpha blending of the 2D sprites (3D blending works fine). Thanks, Steven DragonLore

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i''m looking for an answer to your same can i alphablend 2-D DirectDraw sprites..?

Someone help us out

Skelman Software

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Direct Draw doesn''t do alpha blending. You either do it yourself in software (slow) or use your nifty 3D hardware (which is faster). Some 3D cards (notably the V2 and V3(I think)) don;t allow textures larger than 256x256, so I suspect this to be the problem of it ''doesn''t seem to work for larger bitmaps''. I''m actually currently using a document (found on Mr.Gamemaker), on this very subject - 3DHal AlphaBledning using D3D.


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