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I think this is impossible...

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But I''ll give it a try anyway I don''t know much about 3D Engines *yet*, but from what I can tell, there are many algorithims that order the polygons. My question: Could you, say, combine HSR with a ROAM engine and combine that with a BSP tree? Or, instead of the BSP tree, how about an octree? Would this create a FPS value that is unbelieveable or would it be so many calculations that adding these features would hinder the performance rather than help it? -I''ts 1:15 A.M., give me a break -SkyFire360

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depends on what u need it for.
personally im using a quadtree with PSV but im still drawing maybe 10% more than i need to , i could prolly get this down to 1% but the extra CPU calculastion will make the game run slower overall on most computers even though its drawing less things.
(another reason why doing backfaced culling yourself is often a loss)

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