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bitmap loading for animations

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I have read Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus and Windows Game Programming for Dummies. I understand most of the things in these books except working with animation. I was modifying the Underworld (a 2d, top down view demo game) and wanted to add a walk north and walk south animation in addition to the walk east and west animations. This is where I am stuck. In the books it says to define animations you do this... int anim walk[] = {0,1,2,1,0}; But the game does this... // animations for poos: bounce, crush, burrow int poo_anims[5][4] = { {0,1,-1,-1}, {2,3,-1,-1}, {4,5,-1,-1}, {6,7,-1,-1}, {8,9,10,9} }; Can anyone please tell me 1. What the numbers between the brackets mean. 2. Why there are negative numbers between the braces. Thank you.

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I haven''t read the book so I don''t know exactly what it''s trying to do.

Basically it''s declaring a two dimensional array, the extra brackets seperate the dimensions

The first set of numbers, {0,1,-1,-1} go into elements poo[0][0], poo[0][1], poo[0][2] and poo[0][3] respectively

The second set of numbers, {2,3,-1,-1} goes into poo[1][0], poo[1][1] ....

and the last set, {8,9,10,9} into poo[4][0], ..... poo[4][3]

The -1''s are probably a code to the program to tell it that no more frames exist, i.e. the first set {0,1,-1,-1} has only two frames, 0 and 1.


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Thanks for the help but I still don''t really understand. I know he is defining bitmaps for animation using the EXTRACT_MODE_CELL but I still wonder about the -1 because it was not used in the first example. Has anyone used the GPDUMB engine in their games?

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