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How to access scripted objects..

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I'm developing a simulation engine which is scriptable. I have developed the script parser and interpreter which uses a symbol table (which is a B-tree) to reference data types, function names, constant values etc. All this has come from a book on compilers and interpreters so i think it's pretty standard stuff. My problem comes in knowing how to stitch this together with the engine itself. As entities are added to the simulation I want them to be available to the script interpreter, naturally. However I'm not sure of the best way to do this so I was hoping for some opinions? :) It seems a logical progression to store all the entities in the symbol table so that the script interpreter can access them. However I just have a feeling that this is going to slow things down, particularly for large arrays of values. I was thinking an alternative might be to have a reference type in the symbol table which would simply point back to a C++ object so that the values can be stored in a std::vector (or whatever) for efficiency but still accessed through the script. Methods can already be called through a dispatch interface that is associated with the entity in the symbol table. Should I extend this in a similar way to .NET and add some get()/set() functions to the dispatch definition? I'd appreciate any thoughts, thanks guys.

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