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---> Begginer needing help with DX8

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I wanted to start learning DX8 but i dont know where to start...I was thinking mabe someone out there can post some code that just makes a D3D object and makes a window...Also mabe someone can recommend some stratigies for learning DX from all of your vast experiences... Thanks in advance... "In a world without walls or fences who needs Windows and Gates" ~Don`t Remember

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If you're completely new to DirectX, you should start by learning DirectDraw (Part of DirectX7 and previous versions).
After you finish mastering DirectDraw, I guess you should start using Direct3D (With DirectX8, not 7).
There are alot of tutorials for beginners on D3D and DDraw, search on Mr-GameMaker and here on GameDev.
Also have a look at Furby's site and at Wazoo.
You should also learn DirectInput and DirectSound. The best way to get started is to find for good tutorials on the subject or just learn yourself using the SDK.

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I learnt it quickly by writing a wrapper ie some routines that call lots of other routines thus making your code simpler and cleaner. I wrote a tool called "dxUtility", for example:

dxuInit(hInstance, lpCmd, nShow);
dxuCreateScreen(DXU_FULLSCREEN, 640, 480, DXU_16);

Inits 640x480x16 fullscreen mode, ready for rendering. You could attempt something like that. Also, in directX 8.0, all the graphics stuff is utilised through Direct3D (changing mode etc).

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