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Demoreel 2006 Environments/Props

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Hi, I have just graduated from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and heres my reel consisting of Environments/Props.. YOu can download my reel from www.rajeevj.com

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Hi and congrats on graduating.

I'm not sure this is the right forum for posting this. If you are looking for employment, then 'Help wanted' would be more appropriate, if you're looking for comments then I guess you could take you chance in the lounge.

That said, I had a quick look at your site as I’m a sucker for demoreels. I liked the models shown, clearly great potential, but was disappointed it consistant of so few. I think it provides a good starting point though, and hopefully will help you get noticed.

Although you didn't ask for it, I assume you were after some constructive criticism ;)

First the website is adequate, but could be improved, especially as you are using it to promote yourself. I'm not talking about the content, just the overall design. Then again I find designing ones own website can often be the hardest task possible ;)

I know many people think that a resume has to fit on a single page, but I found yours lacking in detail. It may not apply to where you are, but I’ve always included my date of birth, along with nationality, although these days neither should be a factor on ones prospects with an employer.

I feel the education section was very short, but that might be normal. However maybe giving some brief details of what made up the media course would be helpful to prospective employers?

Its a great idea to include interests, but what’s missing from this is any indication of a passion for your work. Essentially I don't see your work being reflected in your interests. Now you might think it goes without saying, but you'll be surprised just how much better it is to state the obvious. So for example I would include here anything like producing your own animated shorts, creating 3d models for a game mod, etc and if you've not done anything like that, then its something you should look into.

There is also no mention of previous employment. Presumably you're young and so haven't had many jobs, if any. However I do believe that any examples of previous employment, even part time shelf stacking or the like can be helpful for employers, to know that you've been in a working environment. In your case though your showreel says you created the building for freeance work. So give some more information about the freelance work you’ve done on the resume.

Now you can take or leave the above, but one thing you should look at is the quality of the resume design. It is very inconsistent both in terms of what is used for headings and the weight of heading fonts.

For example you have a heading of 'Language', but this only contains one entry (English) so its a bit of a waste. Worse is that under the same heading and in the same weight as (English) is 'Interests', so it looks related to 'Language' when clearly it isn't.

Every heading has a different weight, some are in all caps, others capitalise the first letter and Showreels has a stray full stop at the beginning. All of these need to be fixed to using a consistent weight and avoid using all caps.

The general text has similar consistency errors in terms of the size of the font used. The references text looks larger than the other text.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Would you be interested in doing some indie stuff whilst you look for a job?
I could design an improved website for you (Im a webdev)

contact me via: silvermace/gmail/com (<-- written like that to avoid spam bot)

I agree on all your points, I applaud you noisecrime as there is very little useful information about resume writing out there!

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