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Blit to Texture Memory

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Can you blit textured quads to texture memory so you can turn around and use that texture on another quad? I am thinking this is how video textures are probably done. The reason why I ask is if you were making a GUI and wanted transparency for the gui window as a whole. I dont think you could blit each item on top another with same transparency level and obtain same result because they would show through each other where as the window was one unit you could apply a base transparency level. Or am I wrong about this?

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With the framebuffer object extension you can render to texture, and you can render anything you like, including quads.

If you want the resulting texture to draw with a fixed level of transparency you can accomplish this by using a RGB format texture and setting the current color prior txture to rendering the quad. In other words, once your GUI texture is rendered and you wish to render it over the scene, you can do this:

glColor4f(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.5); // 50% alpha

The resulting RGB will be the GUI texture and the alpha will be 0.5. Combined with the appropriate blend parameters this should give you the desired effect.

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