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(Another) Question for Bas Kuenen

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Hello again, I have set up the Camera you recomended and it works perfectly, but I was wondering when I use the following CObject tree: - World->Player->Camera instead of: - World->Player->CameraAim->Camera it works fine except the camera does not move with the Player, can the camera be Attached to a World Object? Also, is your Matrix Class limited to a 4X4 matrix, or can it also handle 3X3? I`m still figuring out 'Union'. Thanks again, Ozz. Edited by - Ozz on January 13, 2001 7:15:42 PM

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What code are you refering to?

As for union, it is just a way to save space. For example, if you do:
union pack { int blah; float ick; double phooey;};
Just makes pack the size of a double, since that is the biggest thing in that list. (the int & float all take up the same space as the double. the WHOLE thing is treated as a double, instead of taking up say 2+4+8 bytes, it only takes up 8 bytes. (Oh, and I forgot how many bytes those actually take up if you do it seperately...)

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