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Replacing occurances in a string

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I'm trying to turn occurances of a string into the number of the occurance in PHP For example: I want to replace the first occurance of "string" with "string #1" and the second occurance of "string" with "string #2", and the third occurance of "string" with "string #3", and so on How would I accomplish something like this? Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing

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Here's what I've just been able to come up with, pretty simple:

function MyCustomReplace($origStr, $replaceArray, $token )
// Counter for the index
$x = 0;

// The final string
$newStr = "";

// Only break up as many as mny replace words we have, if we are too short, the last instances are not replaced
$ar = explode($token, $origStr, count($replaceArray) + 1);

// Now we loop though all tokens of the string
for($a = 0; $a < count($ar) - 1; $a++)
$newStr .= ($ar[$a] . $replaceArray[$x++]);

// Add in the last part of the string
$newStr .= $ar[$a];

// Return the string
return $newStr;

// What we want to replace with
$replaceArr = array("|vowel1|", "|vowel2|", "|vowel3|");

// Replace all i's with the vowel string, *case sensitive*
echo MyCustomReplace("This is a test, is it not?", $replaceArr, "i");

/* Output:

Th|vowel1|s |vowel2|s a test, |vowel3|s it not?



I added in the 3rd param in explode to make sure no runtime errors will occur if you do not know how many instances to replace from. You could easily modify the functionality to loop back at 0 if $x was > then the number of elements to replace by. Oh yea, tested and works [wink] Should be self explanatory but if you need help with it feel free to ask!

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