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I''m just wondering about the performance of DirectPlay (including statistics about it, if possible). I don''t want to hear from people that have had no experience from it and just want to cut it down because it''s made by Microsoft and Microsoft sucks. That doesn''t help me. I just need to know about how fast, reliable, advantages/disadvantages, etc about it. I''m not sure how many players I want to allow in my game yet (the minimum maximum I want to allow is 8, and the maximum maximum I want to allow is 32). I''ve heard people say DirectPlay is slow and that is sucks, and then I''ve heard others say it''s getting better and it works fine. I don''t know what to believe because none of these statements that I''ve read have been backed by proof. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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I don''t have a lot of experience with it yet, but 8-32 players is about the numbers it was designed for.

DP8 has a number of nice features involving the tranmission of data. It is a bigger pain to setup than DD or D3D by far, and documentation is even poorer. It also throws portability out the window, if you ever want to consider have a main server of somesort on another platform.

However, once you do have it setup, you have an effective multithreaded server & a priority queue with selectable reliablity for your messages.

Also, there''s a forum dedicated to multiplayer gaming issues. You can search there for help getting DP8 setup, me & & what''s his name... Jon Stelly had a short thread on this.

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