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Need a server?

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I''ve decided to go ahead and start offering a service to those who want to test or run their game''s server over the internet. The system running the server programs will be a 1G Athlon with at least 256MB ram and at least a 20gig HD. I just need to start accepting applications to anticipate the demand and what I need to do to prepare the system. If you''re interested send an e-mail to with the following information about the server program: Game Title Game Genre Memory Requirements HD space required Whether it''s windowed or full screen If you want a dedicated system and/or connection or if you want to share either or both. How much you would be willing to pay per month for the service. There will definitly be a NonDisclosure Agreement meaning what runs on the server, runs on the server. I won''t talk about it, disect it, ect. I''ll post more information at my web-site as well as a form. If you have any questions or ideas, e-mail me or post them here. Ben

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You omitted an important piece of information. What OS will the server run? I guess it''s Windoze, as you asked whether the server will be windowed or full-screen, but anyway.
Oh, and no, I''m not interested (at the moment that is), and I will only ever be interested if the thing is running Linux.


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The computer handling the connection is Windows. The computers handling the game servers can be any OS needed. I tried running my DPlay server on the main PC with the direct connection and a networked PC. When I ran the Client from a dial up connection I could see both servers.

I''ll see what I can do with Linux. I actually might have enough parts lying around to build a test system.


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