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Class References?

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Ok I don't know if this can be done... but if it can how can it be done? I want to be able to make new classes (using the new operator) using a single function and a table of "references" to classes. Here is what I mean.... Say I have 5 classes derived from CGameUnit, I want to do this:
CGameUnit *MakeUnit(DWORD id)
switch (id)
case 0:
return new CFlyerUnit;

case 1:
return new CGroundUnit;

// etc...

you see where I'm going (right?)... Here is the catch -> I don't want to have to write a new (or rewrite) MakeUnit function every time I add a class... So how can I make a table of refrences to classes so I can simply do this...

CGameUnit *MakeUnit(DWORD id)
 Get Reference Entry from table....
 (maybe a table of class pointers? don't know...)
 return new "ReferencePointer";

Any ideas? or if I need to explain better just say so... Edited by - Ziggy5000 on January 14, 2001 8:42:47 AM

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I understand what you''re saying now, I think.

Try this...

You want a table of references, right?


// Somewhere in code this is done...?

Units = new CGAMEUNIT[UnitTypeCount];
Units[0] = new CFLYERUNIT;
Units[1] = new CGROUNDUNIT;

CGAMEUNIT* MakeUnit(DWORD which)
if (which > 0 && which < UnitTypeCount)
return Units[which]->Clone();

Then, create a new Clone() method for each unit type that creates a copy of itself.


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